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5-in-1 Multifunction Women's Mini Hair Removal Shaver Trimmer

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Our 5-in-1 multifunction women's mini hair removal shaver trimmer is a compact and versatile grooming tool designed for use on sensitive areas like the face, bikini line, and underarms. It comes with 5 different attachments that can be used for different hair removal purposes.

To use the shaver trimmer, first select the appropriate attachment for the area you want to groom. Attach the blade securely and turn on the device. Hold the trimmer at a 45-degree angle and move it against the direction of hair growth to remove unwanted hair.

When selecting attachments, choose blades with different cutting lengths to suit your needs.

To clean the trimmer, first, turn it off and remove the blade attachment. Rinse the blade under running water and use the included brush to remove any hair or debris. 

This very handy 5-in-1 multifunction hair trimmer is great for travel when you're on the go. Its compact and portable size makes it easy to store and carry in your bag.


✓ Cordless; battery-operated (uses AA batteries)

✓ Easy to use to get rid of unwanted hair from the face and on legs, underarms, neckline, and bikini lines as well as eyebrow shaping, and nose trim

✓ Has an ergonomic shaped head for comfortable use

✓ Has dual-edge blades for neat grooming from both the top and sides without pulling the hair

✓ Safe, efficient, and painless to use

✓ Gentle to use on all skin types

✓ Its trimmer system gives you a quick and smooth trimming experience with no pulling, tugging, cuts, or pain

Package includes:

1 * Hair Removal 

1 * Big Comb

1 * Small Comb

1 * Brush

1 * Bikini line head 

1 * Cover