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Unisex Elephant Teething Toy for Boys and Girls - BPA-Free Silicone, Easy-to-Hold, 0-6 Months

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Color: 001 shifting sand

Sku: 3256803657792110-001 shifting sand

Our unisex silicone elephant teething toy is a toy designed specifically for babies who are in the early stages of teething, typically ranging from 0-6 months of age. It is made from soft, flexible silicone material that is gentle on a baby's sensitive gums.

This teething toy is shaped like an elephant, with a textured surface on its head that provides relief to a baby's sore gums. It is also designed to be easy to hold and manipulate, making it a great toy for developing motor skills.

One of the key features of this teething toy is that it is BPA-free, which means it is free from harmful chemicals that could potentially damage a baby's health. This is an important consideration when choosing any baby product, as BPA and other chemicals can be harmful to a baby's developing body.

A great choice for parents who want to provide their baby with a safe, effective teething toy that is both easy to hold and gentle on their gums.

It's important to supervise your baby while they are using the toy and to replace it if it becomes damaged or worn.

Measurement: 3.3"W x 4.3"H