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Multifunctional Emergency Life-Saving Car Hammer Gadget with Seatbelt Cutter Keychain Style

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Color Name: orange 1pcs

Sku: 3256805059086909-orange 1pcs

A multifunctional emergency life-saving car hammer gadget with a seatbelt cutter is a tool designed to help drivers and passengers escape from a vehicle in the event of an emergency. The tool consists of a pointed hammerhead made of hardened steel, which can be used to break through a car's windshield or side window. It also features a seatbelt cutter that can quickly slice through a jammed or stuck seatbelt.

This type of gadget is compact, keychain style, and easy to store within reach in the car's cabin, making it an essential tool for drivers and passengers in case of an emergency. 

It is important to note that while these tools can be incredibly useful in an emergency, they should only be used by trained individuals who understand their proper use and safety considerations. It is also recommended that users regularly inspect and maintain their emergency life-saving car hammer gadget to ensure it is in good working condition.