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Carbon Steel Multifunction Car Windshield Hammer Seatbelt Cutter

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A must-have tool.  Carbon steel multifunction car windshield hammer with seatbelt cutters are designed to provide drivers and passengers with a reliable tool to help them escape from their vehicles in the event of an emergency. This tool features a pointed hammerhead made of high-strength carbon steel that can easily break through a car's windshield or side window and a seatbelt cutter that can quickly slice through a jammed or stuck seatbelt.

In an emergency situation such as a car accident or a vehicle submersion in water, this tool can be essential for freeing oneself or others from a trapped or dangerous situation. It is compact, and lightweight, and comes with a mounting bracket for easy storage within reach in the vehicle's cabin.

It is important to note that while these tools can be incredibly useful in an emergency, they should only be used by trained individuals who understand their proper use and safety considerations. It is also recommended that users regularly inspect and maintain their windshield hammers to ensure they are in good working condition.