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Purple Day - Let's Raise Awareness & Support for Epilepsy

Written by Geny B.


Posted on March 26 2023

To support Purple Day, genysoutlet is inviting you to join us in promoting the awareness and support for epilepsy. 

50% of the proceeds from each product purchased today will be donated to the Epilepsy Foundation, to support the Purple Day event.


Purple Day is an annual observance that takes place on March 26th. The day is dedicated to raising awareness and support for epilepsy, a neurological disorder that affects millions of people around the world.

Purple Day was founded in 2008 by Cassidy Megan, a young girl from Nova Scotia, Canada, who wanted to raise awareness about epilepsy and help people living with the condition feel less alone. Since then, Purple Day has grown into a global movement, with participation from individuals, organizations, and communities around the world.

The color purple was chosen for the day because it represents both the lavender flower, which is often associated with solitude, and the international color for epilepsy awareness.

On Purple Day, people are encouraged to wear purple and participate in events and activities that raise awareness about epilepsy and support those living with the condition. This may include organizing walks or runs, lighting buildings or landmarks in purple, or sharing information and resources about epilepsy on social media.

Purple Day is an important opportunity to educate others about epilepsy, reduce stigma and discrimination, and promote support and understanding for individuals and families affected by this condition. It is also an opportunity to celebrate the resilience and strength of those living with epilepsy and the contributions they make to our communities.

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