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International Read to Me Day 📚 📖 📕

Written by Geny B.


Posted on March 19 2023



International Read to Me Day is a celebration of the joy of reading and the importance of early literacy. It is observed annually on March 19th and is a day for parents, grandparents, caregivers, and educators to read to children and encourage a love of books and reading.

Reading to children is not only enjoyable, but it also has many benefits for their development. It helps build language and communication skills, enhances their cognitive abilities, and fosters creativity and imagination. Reading also strengthens the bond between the reader and the child, creating a positive and nurturing environment.

On International Read to Me Day, people around the world take the time to read to children and promote literacy. Schools, libraries, and community centers often organize events and activities to celebrate the day. Parents and caregivers can also participate by reading to their children at home and encouraging them to explore the world of books.

International Read to Me Day is a reminder of the importance of reading and the positive impact it can have on children's lives. It encourages a love of books and reading, creating a foundation for lifelong learning and intellectual growth.


Have you read to a child today? What did you read? Comment below. 👇



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