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Save the Dates to Remember All Yearlong

Written by Geny B.


Posted on March 15 2023

Hi guys! Hope you all have a good day and enjoying the warmer weather. It's sunny ☀️ here right now where we are at but still a little bit chilly. 

I was Googling something last night when I stumbled upon a website where I found their calendars really interesting. It included holidays and celebrations each month for the entire year. So, I came up with this idea that I will be writing a very short article everyday and post it on here. There might be days that I will post more than 1 article depending on what the calendar says for that day. For those of you who are curious what calendar and what website I was talking about, check it out here.

 Do not forget:



 Celebrations to remember for this week
March 15
World Consumer Rights Day
March 16
National Corn Dog Day
March 17 
St. Patrick's Day
March 18 
Awkward Moments Day


So, what do you think? Write your comment/s below. 👇



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