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Retro Arcade Kids Mini Crane Claw Machine Toy Grabber

Retro Arcade Kids Mini Crane Claw Machine Toy Grabber

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This mini arcade candy grabber is a small, tabletop version of the classic arcade claw machine game, designed for children to enjoy at home. It is battery-operated and features a joystick or buttons to control the claw, allowing kids to practice their skills and have fun trying to grab various prizes.


  • Size: Designed to fit on a tabletop, making them suitable for home use. 
  • Power: Battery-operated (3 size D batteries not included).

  • Controls: A joystick or buttons control the claw's movement, allowing users to move it left, right, up, or down in an attempt to grab a prize.
  • Claw mechanism: The claw opens and closes when the user presses a joystick.
  • Coin slot: This has a coin slot that can be used for tokens (24 coin tokens included) giving the experience of an authentic arcade game.
  • Prizes: Mini claw machines can be filled with a variety of small toys, plush animals, or candies. It's up to the owner to decide which prizes to include.
  • Sounds: Features arcade-style sound effects to create a fun and engaging atmosphere.
  • Age range: This machine is recommended for children ages 3 and up, as they require some level of hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

Remember that supervision is recommended, especially for younger children, to ensure their safety while playing.

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