Our Story


It all started a few years ago when I wanted to be home more with my family while I am pursuing my associate degree in Nursing. Aside from dreaming of becoming my own boss in order to spend more time with my children, nursing is also a passion of mine. And I believed that I can attain both with perseverance, good time management and support from the people that surround me, most especially my family.

I started selling through eBay in the early to mid-2000 as a hobby. Remember those cool Matrix sunglasses back then? Those were my bestsellers!

What started as what I called an "entrepreneurial hobby" grew into much more than just a hobby. I have this inkling desire of making it happen now or never!

When I was on my six weeks maternity leave with my son who is now 6 years old, I stumbled upon the jewelry books aisle during a visit to our local library. I borrowed few books, went to Michael's store, and brought home with me the supplies I needed to create my own bracelet which became 2, 3, 4 and more.

When I went back to work, I started wearing the bracelets I made for myself, different styles every single day and got so many compliments. The following week, I sold a few from work. That was the start. 

Three years fast forward, I really wanted to open my own online store but not just all jewelry kind-of site. Something about kids and moms related. Something I can see a mom-and-child kind-of-products.

I researched, read about FBA, watched video tutorials, and .....

Here we are in the process of branding our fourth private label baby product and hopefully, it will get here mid this year. More baby products in our own brand will be posted as we approach the Christmas shopping time. Our goal is to add at least ten more.

We have two private label names on our products - BabyBasics123 and Maxwell Brandt. We have another one coming up but I don't want to spoil the fun guys. I will definitely post them on our blogs so stay tuned.

I am still researching products for us mamas. I did not forget us. I have a few ideas already. I don't like making promises I can't keep but I will do the best I can to have them ready by Thanksgiving. Your suggestions for products that you wanted to see on here are very welcome.

Working Late Nights & Weekends

For few months, after tucking my son in bed and helping my teenage daughter on her homework and finished my own, I continued to stay up late refining our own brand logos, reading, researching and contacting manufacturers trying to get the lowest price as possible. After few weeks of exchanging emails back and forth with different manufacturers for different products I like to start with, now I could say that becoming my own boss with products in my own private label is not just a dream anymore. A lot of revisions still need to be done as far as the technical aspect of my website and I know that. That also is going to be a year-long project.

I decided to follow my passion and do what I love.

Just before the second semester of my nursing school, I decided to stop working completely so I could focus more on my online business and nursing school. It's tough from the very beginning. I did everything by myself from taking good photos of my products to uploading those photos and adding descriptions and everything, processing orders, packing, and mailing them on time to my customers. Our study area that is intended solely for my studying also became stock room and my working area. That's me below still polishing up Geny's Outlet after school. Pardon my very messy workplace.

Geny Working


It started as a hobby with a simple desire of earning extra cash for fun while others benefit what I have to offer

Geny's Outlet did not start with a business plan. I have no formal training as far as running a business. All I had when I started was the burning desire, determination and positive attitude to make it happen. I applied common sense along the way, I've read dozens of articles about online business and how to manage it and still do, I've watched videos and listened to podcasts from few select people whom I could say I admired and have taught me ways to really understand my niche, mail out orders on time to my customers and gaining that trust in return.


It's more than just a determination of becoming my own boss. It's a passion to offer moms like me products that I would consider baby necessities, moms like and want for their kids' safety without paying too much.

I still check the clearance section and take advantage of coupons available whenever I shop online. I shy away from online stores that charge ridiculous shipping fees. At Geny's Outlet, our shipping fee rates - domestic and worldwide - are calculated in real time, so you will not get sticker shock during check out. You pick which carrier you prefer and you pay shipping fees based on the merchandise's weight.

Giving Back


Geny's Outlet gives back to the community. It's our way of appreciation to all of you for trusting us, for doing business with us. Every time you make a purchase, 5% of your merchandise order will be donated to the Feed My Starving Children to help children in need. Thank you for being a part of this great cause.

Keep in Touch

We like to hear from you guys. Drop us a line or two. You can also use the Facebook Messenger located at the top right of your computer screen to ask us any questions you may have regarding our products. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Next Step

Even before Geny's Outlet started, it has been my passion and determination to find products that are mommy and baby friendly, affordable and of good quality. It takes awhile to find both, and it also takes patience and time to negotiate with manufacturers without sacrificing the quality of the product. With that being said, I will continue to research and offer products that are mommy and daddy budget friendly.

The Faces Behind Geny's Outlet

Hi everyone. I'm Geny and that's me and my son, Max, taken September of 2017 before their school's Mommy & Son dance. He will be modeling on some of our jewelry items, particularly necklace, and also sunglasses. Here are  3 simple facts about me:


My first name is Genevieve and on my birth certificate, it spelled Jenevieve. My mom wanted the spelling unique.

I can read anything backward and upside down.


I adopted my friend's black cat for my daughter's 9th birthday. We renamed him Malcolm and he's the most adorable cat ever!


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