BabyBasic123 by Maxwell Brandt U-Shaped Sliding Cabinet Baby Safety Locks 5-Pack (White)

Geny's Outlet

$12.99 $15.99

BabyBasic123 by Maxwell Brandt U-Shaped Sliding Cabinet Baby Safety Locks is a sure must-have for moms and dads who have little ones at home. Keep your child safe and keep cabinets and doors securely locked.

Our cabinet locks are easy to use and work well even on refrigerators with side-by-side doors. No adhesives or magnets so no sticky-residue to worry about when you are done using them for good. Plus, no screws or drilling required leaving your cabinets intact and in good shape where it used to be.

  • KEEP YOUR CHILD SAFE. BabyBasic123 by Maxwell Brandt U-Shaped Cabinet Baby Safety Locks will give you peace of mind when you're busy and your curious as ever child is going through everything s/he can get into. Our cabinet locks have dull edges so you don't have to worry about your child getting poked and scratched.
  • MULTIPLE USES. Aside from cabinets, you can also use our product on cupboards, refrigerators with side-by-side doors, mushroom-shaped knobs, and D-shaped knobs that are up to 5 inches apart. You can use them anywhere in your home.
  • EASY TO USE & REUSE. To separate the lock and U-shaped body, just press the two bottom part of the lock together and pull. It's that easy even for grandpa and grandma who have arthritis problem.
  • SAFE, DURABLE, NO TOOLS NEEDED & ADHESIVE-FREE. Our sliding locks are made of toxic-free and high quality ABS material. It is also adhesives-free so it does not ruin any of your precious furniture.
  • VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY & OUR WARRANTY. You will receive 5 pieces of our sliding cabinet safety locks with a 1-year replacement warranty.
  • At Geny's Outlet, we stand behind our products and customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. That's our promise.

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